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Pre-order Golden Linen Tabletop Backdrop (Photography Surface)

Pre-order Golden Linen Tabletop Backdrop (Photography Surface)


This poster style Tabletop Backdrop Designs are created in three shades of linen. Design with houseware and photographs in mind. The Desins are as follows.

1. Tan that Linen - is more of a sudle tan color.

2. Gold Spun Linen - adds a touch of gold to the photograph

3. Golden- add deep golden colors to the photograph

This product works well with the current table top photography products on the market today.

Each product has a small Maria Kamon Photography logo on the bottom right corner. Additional cost may apply, depending on the number of pre-orders.

  • Pre- order

    There are no refunds on pre-orders. Should there be a complaint about the product each way to all be handled individually.

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