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5 Tips Infant Photography

There are many photographers that believe they can control everything when photographing an infant or young child. After teaching preschool for many years, I realized and have accepted the fact that sometimes not controlling everything is what brings out the best in a child. Here is some of the things I enjoy doing.

  1. Lighting : If you’re in the studio get the lighting on before the child arrives. This will alleviate some of the stress of light intensity on their eyes. Dim soft light works best.

  2. Music: Have the parent suggest a couple songs that they are playing for the child. Then have your own playlist. The couple of songs helps the child relax and then trust so you can create your studio mood.

  3. Photograph part of the lighting by taking different angles. I enjoy propping the child up on furniture and having the lights gently in the stoplight.

  4. Home photoshoot a pre-visit is required to see where the parents want their child photographed and the lighting requirements.

  5. The use of “Backdrops” is most helpful if you are trying to achieve a certain look. A photograph or a young child is not always the reality. The other thing that works is having the parents present, however I have now learned they parents need instructions on how to behavior during the photography shoot.

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