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Fish Eyed Lens

Looking through the eyes of a fish-eyed lens. Sometimes in photography the fun part is discovering what and how a lens affects the photograph. I recently purchased a camera lens I had never tried before. Learning about the lens is one of the exciting parts of photography. What did I do? I took random photographs of items to see how they would appear in the photograph.

First I took a photograph of the beach. I for some reason thought it would look more like looking in a hole. It isn't like that at all. It is more like a wide angle lens. Im really loving the potential of this camera lens. Can't wait to use it on my clients.

If you'd like a photograph then please choose a package and contact Maria Kamon Photography.

I'll be happy to photograph you and your family.

  1. Choose a time, date, location.

  2. Choose a package.

  3. Sign up, pay the fees.

  4. I'll contact you and we will go over the details.

If your interested in purchasing a camera or accessories. Use the affiliate link provided by Best Buy. Best Buy allows us affiliates to link supplies for our readers. Any sales made from the purchased of items Maria Kamon receives a small percentage of the sale.


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