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Tips for Capturing Stunning Female Portrait

I often think to myself what is a stunning photograph and what, whom, and where did it begin to be an issue for females? What is stunning? What is beautiful? Who defines the perimeters of such things? When looking back through times what women looked like. I wouldn't describe them as stunning or even beautiful. I have discovered that one must take the photographer's word that the photograph was considered "stunning" or "beautiful" for her time. Is it true or was he just paid to say that we can only deduct these conclusions from the information gathered.

What is stunning described as in 2023? Oxford Dictionary defines stunning as extremely impressive or attractive.

"she looked stunning" Although the definition remains the same the fashion doesn't therefore, portrait photography changes with time. What are some tips to help with photography today?

  1. Backdrop also known as setting, staging depending on where the photograph is taken.

  2. Lighting will you be taking the photograph indoors or outdoors? This will depend on the type of lights used.

  3. Dress, clothing, hair, makeup

  4. Model of the female that you are photographing. (As most people know very few people photograph professional models)


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