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Maria Kamon



Maria Kamon, Photography


Dedicated to my son: Dustin Kamon September 25, 1987-November 12, 2014 (RIP)

Dustin Kamon was more of a documentary photographer and by far better than his mom, mother, friend. He enjoyed the more newsworthy photographs and his dream was to photograph for national geographic someday.


As a photographer, I enjoy photographing couples' engagements, maternity, infant, children, and family photography.  It helps paint a picture for individuals that hire Maria Kamon Photography.  I see it as a process of the person's life from rock to diamonds. A rock is when a person hasn't fully matured to the diamond they will become as an adult. That's why it's from rock to diamond. From an infant to a beautiful adult person whom everyone wants to meet and do business with. My children and I enjoyed different styles of photography. (Please don't assume and make up things you don't know the meaning and understanding. Ask the person before you assume your own definitions. )

If you are looking for a photographer who listens to your request and adds creativity and design.


Let's talk,


Maria Kamon

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