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California Poppie Season

It blooms every year during the same time. April to June , if you haven't experience seeing the hills covered with California poppies that you haven't seen anything yet. Just one of those things that gives one this feeling of how big California really is. It goes on for miles driving only the i15 hwy you can't take your eyes off the amazing color and beauty. At first you think it will stop and then it just keeps on until you see people gathered, with no parking in sight I was so surprised to see people gather and stopping along the fwy to catch a photo. What was though of as a super bloom is now one of the places know to man as Walker Canyon close to Lake Elsinore. Now that is has a name and the city has places to park it is a known San Diego tradition for many to have their yearly photograph taken there. This year Maria Kamon Photography has scheduled a couple of days a week to take photoshoots. "Walker Canyon" is one of eight places the poppies bloom in California.

I personally think the poppies look loveliest in the morning hours as the sun raises over the hills. Many artist show up with their plain air easels to paint the poppies, making the poppies last as long as they can.

This is an area to be remembered as thousand show up to see the flowers each year.

Book an appointment to have an Individual Photoshoot. Hours Available for photography sessions. Tuesday- Thursday 7:15 - noon.

This does not include travel expenses or additional individuals that would like to be in session. Book an appointment today!


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