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Elements Of A Good Photograph?

A good photographer isn't about the cameras he or she uses. It's about their ability to take a good photograph. It has to do with how the photograph was taken.

  1. Subject : Is the subject worth talking about. It is something that captivates the reader?

A subject can be a person, place or a thing (product, location).

2. Lighting: What type of lighting is being used. There are several types of lights available today depending on what you are trying to achieve. Harsh lighting or soft lighting depending on how you want the subject to look.

3.Background: The light you choose affects the background. Is it in focus or out of focus.

Dark background add mystery, mastic, glamour, elegance.

Focus or unfocus background in a photograph can change the way we think of the photo. This one is in natural light with the climate blaring the background.

This little girl photograph was taken in a studio that was using the background light. Also know as backlighting.

4. Composition: Is it composed with deliberately. The composition in this photographs is almost in the center. She in in a rain coat and it looks like she is going to school since she is carrying a backpack. It is implied. Meaning the reader sees it and assumes this without question. Due to the social conditioning of out human selves.

5. Color and Tone quality. Flat lay photographs are are excellent way of understanding color and tone. It allow the photographer the ability to see how different colors work together. They either work together to enhance each other or they conflict. When the photograph conflicts the photograph does not entice the viewer. In this photograph because the colors complement one another it makes the reader or viewer feel like they want to pick a pencil up and start drawing.


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