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Summer Portrait?

summer portraits
Beach Summer Portraits

Some people think it's a beauty a woman or man possesses. Other's think it is the size and weight of the person whose photography is being taken. The truth is what I feel isn't important. What's important is what the client or customer thinks and feels at the time of the photography.

Here are 5 tips I use when beach portraits.

  1.  Make sure the location you choose has more than one location to photograph.

  2. Have the Golden sunshine available to glisten her/his face.

  3. Make sure you have a time limit on the photography session. It’s easy to photograph more photographs than you’ll ever be able to use.

  4. Think poses standing, sitting, and things you’d normally see at a beach unless it's centered around a product.

  5. Swimsuit color creates different people look differently than you’d expect.

In conclusion, it’s best to know or have some idea of the image you're trying to portray.


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