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What Type Of Lighting is Best for Infant Photography?

I must tell you this is a decision a photographer has to make. What is best for your child to be a photograph in? If I question myself in my photography questions all the time I must guess others other photographers must question their own decisions. I wish there was one answer to this question. There isn't.

How and whom will children learn to trust? When the trust was broken before they can remember? When the child is photograph really as infants unless the photographer is photographing them each year after that, it is unlikely they will remember. If I as a photographer I make all the decisions for the parents, I would be preventing them from maturing as parents. Parenting is about making decisions and photography is just one of those first choices a parent needs to make for themselves. Will they choose to have their newborn professionally photographed? I am evolving as a photographer, and would enjoy discussing some of the topics that concern parents the most. If you have a suggestion I would enjoy posting a blog discussing it.

Like I have said many times, what is good for my photography business and personal style might not be yours and that's okay. You and your family are allowed to be different from any other family. I have never seen photographing as my desire to be like other children's photographers. I saw it as being the best I could. Rather an extension of my own experience in helping other photographers. Now that that part is over, I have the opportunity to define my style. What would you describe my style as?

What is the best Maria Kamon Photography can do is inform the parents of the choices they have with my photography. Allow them to know the brands I use and they make their decision. What lighting is best for your child depends on your style. What is it that you as parents are wanting to see, know and portray in the photographs you’re taking. Are you trying to show off your newborn, preserve a moment in time, portray an animal, flower, costume. Then that is my goal as a photographer for you.

In the photos above I have one in natural lighting. Will the photograph be just with the light from the window or other with studio lighting. I tried not to edit it a whole lot, allowing you to see the difference. The flower pedals was just a my photographers decision to see how they would show up photography. The thought that woman are like flowers is a concept that has been in many cultures for centuries, it is not something I wanted to change or was experimenting with nor do I want to take away from the child. The concept of the photograph would this be cuter than being the middle of a flower which is common for younger infants. Any comments on this subject would be appreciated.

The natural lighting is a little more showdowy. Some times it is more dull or with shadows. That’s why I call it “showdown”. The editing processes can help with some of it, if the parent doesn’t like it. This is a photographers frustration when the client orders something and then don’t lie it. Whereas, the studio lighing is bright and light making it look like what I call "insta" photograph. It's not, I just see it as a more trending style of photography right now. It is a parental choice what style they choose to portray their children. The photographer just has to defined the style of which they prefer photographing.

In the sample photographs a parent would have to choose lighting, florals, and the clothing the child is wearing, since it is an older infant. However, if the parent wanted I would have swaddle the child and the whole photogaph session and results would be completely different.


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