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iPhone Photograph as good as my professional Camera Photograph?

When I think of comparing cameras I am overwhelmed with all the details I would have to compare. Then I think to myself what is it that I would want to know as a consumer? Is an iPhone camera as good as my professional Cannon camera?

Truth is that’s a subjective question. It has more than one answer. It’s a customer preference. It’s subjective to all the personal things that make individuals. What is the difference between the two cameras? The photograph itself has to be the deciding factor. Personal style. Then it’s not a question of what camera is better. It’s a question of when an individual employs a photographer.

There are times in one's life employing a photographer is worth the expense. How does one know when to employ a photographer and when not to?

Personal Photographer Session:

  1. You are the main attraction and will not have time to take a photograph. The spotlight is on you.

  2. Moments when you are torn between ‘should I take a photograph or do I talk with the guest’. If you ask yourself this question; you need a photographer.

  3. If it’s a time you just want to look perfect, beautiful, handsome, elegant, cute, pretty, etc. Holding an iPhone for an insta just isn’t going to do the job. Distortion issues Employ a photographer.

  4. Baby’s birth, babies, first….., family first…. portrait. (Unless it's the baby’s first thing they would naturally do in daily living, employ a photographer.)

  5. Anytime there is a mild stone or a major milestone in your personal life or that of a family member employ a photographer.

Parents think of employing a photographer when the children are young, the families are young. Then you get busy and forget. I give you permission to employ a photographer throughout your life.

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