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Improving Skills

I have been taking some time lately to improve my photography skills and learn about a different type of photography. Like many of us staying home and working. from home can become over whelming. Why not use the time to improve my skills.

I thought I'd share my latest adventure. I decided to enter a contest. I am writing about this in the hopes that you too will step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your children.

Entering a contest can be some what of a challenge for the serious at heart. What did I enter? A lego contest. I have to laugh at myself knowing that if I win I have no idea what I will do with 4K in legos. I wish I could say I am doing this for some great cause. That would be a lie. I am doing this purely for the fact that I don't think I have ever entered a contest. I have been entered into contest by others, siblings who felt I should participate and then sat in the audience and laugh. I laugh now to. How many times have I felt total humiliation in front of an audience of contest I didn't want to enter. This happened until I learned how to respectfully refuse to participate. Oh, how each parent has their own way of teaching their children. Lessons learned in life make use laugh or cry depending on the attitude we have towards our experience. Knowing and learning to outgrew the circumstances of others radical is a lifeskill lesson worth teaching and worth learning.

This time entering this contest is just so much fun I had to try. The contest is a Lego Contest. They are introducing opening of their new, New York store. You can check out the Contest Rules for "My Lego NYC Buildl""My Lego NYC Build Contest"

I'm not sure why the link isn't showing try mylogonycbuildcontest dot com Enter with your children or have your child enter. I am laughing at myself. Sure had fun building a lego again. Here is what my entry looks like. Best of luck to you.

"The gir wears Prada" that's what Im call it.

Don't forget to book an appointment for your next photography shoot. or tell a friend. Appreciate your referral.


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