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Is it a Biscuit or a Waffle Food Photography

Yes, let me answer the question before it's asked. The food I was challenged to photograph really is a Biscuit Waffle In this photograph I tried to show the Biscuit Waffle with flour and a biscuit cutter sold at or, Notice the M in the flour for Maria Kamon Photography.

How much I laugh at myself trying to get food photography worth looking at. Although this may not be my best or worst photography, what I am good at is helping my client's come up with new recipes.

Techniques for photographing food.

1, I enjoy looking at food that is not surrounded by a lot of things that are unrelated to food. That’s a question I always ask myself. Too much? Too little? What is it really that I am trying to convey in the story?

2. Find a well-light area. In this photograph, I’m just using kitchen lighting. The rest of the day I will spend time taking other photographs. Deciding what could be done better.

3. How many props does a food item need? What types of props? Do they apply to nature and how the food is cooked?

4. Then comes the big question. Does the food I’m photographing make me want to eat the food item? How does one decide what looks appetizing? What do I think reprints what I am doing? My name? My brand?


What photograph is your favorite and why?


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