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Learning a Photograph Style

I lost something that I don’t know how to explain to others. It’s something so profound that words can not describe the depths of what I feel. It wasn’t until taking a week off social media that I began to understand the depths of what I feel. I took my camera outside again and began shooting random photographs. Just for myself? Just for the sake of taking a photograph.

I have been taking photographs for a while. Yesterday, I put the camera on autofocus and just took photographs. I almost started thinking about the setting, aperture, and all the details that help you determine your own style. I laughed at myself and how many times I have tried for the perfect photograph. Stopping to get everything perfect. Listening to all the advice photography books and magazines suggested. Trying other people's presets and understanding there is a time to study photography and practice. Looking at photography as a business is much more different than a hobby/part-time business.

The reality is this time studying my camera has helped me understand the camera I purchased. What I didn’t; realize until yesterday is the importance of just taking a random photograph. I don’t really mean random. I mean photographs one doesn’t have to think about. Just turn autofocus photograph. I laugh at myself constantly as I look around and tried to figure out what would be an interesting subject for the photograph. Landscape at a distance, then change to a portrait, then back to landscape. I even got a photograph of a local “forbidden fruit’ so to speak.

What is the beauty that comes with knowing your camera? Understanding its weakness. Once you understand the weakness of the camera,


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