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No real pine cones were used in this photograph. Photographs of pine cones are for explanation of lighting only!

Hot or Warm Lighting (Known as under exposed in some cases)

Cold or Cool Lighting (Known as over exposed in some cases)

Natural Lighting

No real pine cones were used in this photograph. Photographs of pine cones are for explanation of lighting only!

There are some things in life that are so simple after you learn about it, however before you understand it it is so complex. Why? I ask myself. This blog will be touching about some of the aspects of lighting. Cool lights vs Warm lights. What is your photographic style? What is your photographic preference in lighting?

There are some things I needed to learn in photography.

  • The first lesson I learned was that my camera is my best friend. This is not literal. It is an understanding I came to when I upgraded my camera. Like a best friend you have to learn everything about it. (I don’t know if men see best friend like that woman do.) We learn everything about our best friend and help them if we can. That is my camera. It is a best friend. The more complex the camera is the longer it takes to understand all the settings.

  • This one has taken me the longest to get to know. Why? It is more complex. It speaks a different language. (This is not literal.) The way it is design makes me focus on what it is I am trying to compute in a photograph. It looks so simple and on the surface it is. However, it you take the time to know the settings you’ll discover some of thing the settings from before are still there. In making it simpler for the user, it made it more complex for the already experienced user if that makes sense to you.

  • Love your camera like you would a best friend. Understand how it likes to be treated.

Lighting settings are you a cool or a warm. I tend to gravitate towards cool colors. That’s just me, who I am. From clothing to make up I tend to choose cool colors over warm colors. I don’t really understand why or when this began. It’s such a part of me I never question. So, when I had a teacher who was into warm colors I could understand a word he was speaking.

Lighting is a personal taste. Is what I finally discovered. What the photographers preference and the models preference might be two different preferences. What do you like to be photographed in? Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold lighting?

Lighting affects the way a person looks, feels and image the artist is tying to portray. It I was to compare photography to art I would say a hot or warm photograph would be more like oil painting, where as a cold or cool painting would be more like a watercolor or acyclic painting.

Today with so many people it might be important for the photographer to understand if their client prefers seeing themselves in warm or cool tones, This would help the photographer in serving their client better. For more understanding you can look at the photographs included in this blog. There is the range of natural, cool, warm photographs.

While you at it don’t forget to make an appointment with us for a portrait,

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