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New Parent's Anxiety Baby Photography

Are you feeling nervous about having your baby photographed?

I recently posted a video on YouTube requiring one of the things I do to white-balance a room when photographing a baby and reminded me of the difficulties of being a new parent.

What should one expect from a baby photographer when booking for the first time?

  1. Courtesy, polite, and well-mannered. Isn’t too much to expect.

  2. Ask the photographer what types of photography specials they have. This way you as a parent know if it's in your budget.

  3. Don’t book an appointment if you know you can’t afford its

  4. Photographers will sometimes have a budget-friendly option. Especially if they are new to photography and seeking experience.

  5. Parents are allowed to stay in the room when the baby is being photographed.

  6. In today’s there are some sanitary options available. As parents, you can ask your photographer to sanitize their hands, wear a mask, and even cover their shoes if you are worried about anything.

  7. Know what baby moments you want to photograph first such as announcements, shoes, first clothing, etc. Some photographs like to photograph these items first. Others will choose to photograph them at a different time.

  8. The contract should be signed and agreed upon before any photographs are taken. There should also be a modeling claus and a statement of your approval to have the child posted on their social. If as a parent you want to opt out this is also acceptable. Should you post the photographs on the Childs’/Parent's social then the photographer should have the option to have their name posted as an option.


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