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Photography Needs

What are your needs as a customer? I think often I thought of when I employed my first photographer. My first experience with a photographer was nothing like I had anticipated or thought it would be. It is always different from the first to the other time. Each photographer has their favorite location. Their favorite way to photograph is their style. Their favorite way to edit.

Know your Needs:

  1. Why did you hire a photographer in the first place? Special Occasion? Personalized shoot? Instagram Post? YouTube Post? Work Place? Modeling Practice? and the most common Wedding? Event?

  2. Write down what your needs are. Some things like birthday parties or weddings have moments that everyone always wants: For example; Photography by the cake. The bride and groom look into each other's eyes with a look of love. Know the photographs that are a "don't miss" moment for you and email the list to your photographer This will allow the photographer enough time to organize themselves and think through the photo session.

  3. Budget, know how much you'd like to spend. How much the photographer is charging? How much you'd like to tip the photographer and the pricing of time? If he or she is this good I'll tip them this much extra. If they are this great I will tip them this much extra.

  4. Editing style: Will the photographs be edited and how much extra will it cost for additional editing? How many edited photographs do you get per session? Do you want them with the photographer's style or would you prefer them unedited?

  5. Know the location. Do you want to have a session of photography in the studio? Outdoors? Family Room? Babies Room? Venue? Church?

Here are just five items one should consider discussing with a photographer before you employ them for your photography session.


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