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The Day Photography "Blew Up"

I could share stories with you about how long I have had the photography skills, or how good I am or how I wish I knew more. Then this would make this blog all about myself. When the reality is the photographer should be all about the subject or client at the time they are photographing. I have my favorite things I enjoy photographing.

One of them is food. It’s cause I met a photographer along the way that was photographing for a magazine. I was able to learn how challenging it can be. Who doesn’t like a good challenge. It is an understanding of what a “food photograph” needs to be great. The desire to shoot a perfect photograph that makes a person want to create delicious and beautiful food for themselves is going from a hobby to a passion, desire and even sometimes a frustration with myself not being able to capture the food as I see it. It’s a form or respect for the food, for people who eat food or over eat food. It’s understanding the struggle. The food struggle is real for some people. Some eat too much and others eat too little.

It’s understanding a photograph can evoke a person to learn and understand food. I want you to feel like you want to learn to feed yourself. That’s what I want my food photograph to do, inspires you to take care of yourself. If I can get you to realize that the desire it captures then you’ll respect yourself. Right? Who am I kidding I just want to take a good photograph. I sound so profound the goal I have is to take a photograph of food that will evoke you to act. To understand food in your life. What role food it plays is personal.

Two I discovered I enjoy photographing children, families, engagements over other forms of photography. I think had I not taken photographs of everything and anything I would not have understood what I enjoy the most. That’s what photography is all about. When photography blew up I was already a photographer, trying to understand what everyone was so excited about. Then I updated my camera and realized what happened to photography was so exciting that I understood the hype. How exciting photography is once you understand the camera you using and using the camera to it’s full potential.

I understand the many possibilities of using my camera to take photographs of food and write down the recipes that can inspire the people I photograph to eat heathy. I am writing this allowing you to understand the cycle that naturally exist. People need food. Food need people. The two work together to make each other better. The question I am interested in answering for myself and my business is: Is it better to place recipes in a blog or recipe book or as a download? What are your thoughts on the subject?

I’d like to know your thoughts. Does this make you think differently of my business?


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