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What's Lurking In The Shadows Of The Photograph

As a photographer, I have always thought of placing the shadows behind the portrait or two the side. I think that became my style after the photography classes I took. I am not sure if it was the instructor's recommendation or if I just developed this style on my own. Years later I have begun to use shadows with more intention.

Photographing people, places, and things have changed and the rules may not apply the same due to the new cameras, and equipment. Portable lights, lightweight equipment, small compact cameras, and cameras on our phones allow people mobility that most people never thought of.

Rather than thinking this is where I place the showdown now I think to myself what do I want the shadows to help me convey in the photograph? I now have changed that belief that natural light photography means shadows have to be where the sun wants them to be. I have choices to make. I have the ability to be in natural lighting and influence the amount of shadow I show in a photograph by using the flash of my camera or a portable light. From small to large battery-operated lights I am currently waiting for those that have a little solar panel attached allowing even more freedom in photography shoots. I see this as the next logical step that will be made in photography.

The shadows can make for an interesting portrait depending on what the client or customer is looking for. Portrait photography whether it's for a wedding, meeting, or event can convey a story you as the customer and client want to convey. Know the story you want to convey and they ask questions to see if your photographer can assist you in telling your story.


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