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When to Photograph Self or Hire a Professional Photographer

I was recently asking myself. Why should a person pay me to photograph them. I think I am a good photographer, however, in the era of selfies, everyone thinks they are a good photographer.


  1. You want to display the photographs.

  2. You'd like to use them as part of a resume or portfolio.

  3. You need the photographs to last longer than an instant.

  4. You want several wardrobe changes and want them all to be professional-looking.

  5. You have a certain style you are looking for.

  6. You are interested in something more than you are capable of achieving yourself.

  7. You're going to use the photographs to market, advertise your business such as being on a website. By placing your photograph on it.

When to Photograph yourself:

  1. Instagram

  2. Self-publicity

  3. Becoming an influencer.

  4. You understand the reason and the purpose of this type of publicity, you have a set goal in mind.

  5. You're learning what it's all about.

  6. Trying to brand your business.

  7. What more customers.


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