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2024 New it time for a new Valentine Photograph?

Candy and a Word

2024 New it time for a new Valentine Photography?

Sweetheart as we know it. To many it's a candy to others it's a word you call someone who is meaningful in ones life. Either way it's a time. It's a meaningful word to many, used as a term of endearment.

Who knew that to some its a horror movie. The way I look at Valentines day might be innocent. There was never any big pressure to be or do anything. It was a holiday that was to express an acknowledgement of some acceptance for ones own feeling towards another person,

Today, it means so many things to so many people that it creates confusion rather than what it was originally intend for. A holiday to acknowledge an endearment to , by giving them a candy and/or card. Adults make things more complicated than they need too. create your own definition for the holiday and do your thing. There are no have too here.

Maria Kamon Photography would like to acknowledge Valentine's Day by offering customers the opportunity to sign up for a photography session. As a couple or as a single person. The photography session includes one 8x10 and one 5 x 7 edited and printed. digitals available upon request for an additional fee. The special does require to sign a social/model waiver/release.

Maria Kamon Photography Session
valentine photograph

Valentine's Day
couple valentine photo


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