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Summit Sky Is Not My Ride

I look upon the summit as the winter storm moves away clearing the sky for another day. The storm yesterday was different somehow. I knew looking at the sky before the rain fell. I knew it was different. It wasn’t an angry sky or one that scolded. I stood still in all its beauty I

Blue sky summit
Summit Sky Is Not My Ride This Time

knew I feared it. I stood there for only a few seconds. Not knowing what was about to happen or where I was in it. The seconds could have been hours as I watched to see what way it was headed.

I could tell if it was going east, west, north, or south. Normal storms have a direction this one just seemed to be standing still. Suddenly, I could tell it was about to downpour, and downpour it did. What a decider a storm can be to tell me not to have respectful fear. It isn’t fear of man or animal it is a fear I’m the quietness of oneself. Who would be stronger within oneself? I listen in the stillness to see if I knew or recognized the voice before. The wanderer, the traveler, the lack of provider.

I entered my house and asked again. What direction are you traveling? No reply was heard. Only the smell of rain filled the air. Still and quiet it became and then suddenly it burst. Will it flood? Should I flood? I thought to myself. I replied; in a quiet unheard voice I don’t care. How many days should I rain, it asked again. So, arrogant to think it has that power all by itself. I thought to myself. If I reply, I know it will be. I quickly looked up the weather report. It said one day. I replied; As long as you have to. Your sons will inform you of when you should seize.

To know God is to respect knowing that in reality the bigness of Him, we are all really small in the world. Today, I live to thank him another day. In all his being he didn’t hurt me like humans did.

Respect is not fear. Fear is not respect. Respect is knowing one's own limitations in the God's above. "I am a woman created in his image."

Grace, Grace, and more grace. Thank you!


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