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Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a bunny that no one believed in. He was seen throughout the land and everyone tried to catch him if they could. No one could, and thus Easter Photography Photograph Sessions became popular in the land of bunnies. They copy and tried by making him BIG and making him small. Today there are bunnies of every size. Even the fairest in the land could produce what bunny could. Beloved and loved so much he must have felt abused, and misunderstood. Some nicknamed him "Bad" others nicknamed him "Mad"< and others didn't name him at all. They just could stand what he had to live through. Whatever story of an Easter bunny you's just never what you think you had. One bunny's story is not another bunny's tale to tell.

Young or Old the stories and fables are stories worth telling you know.


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