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Infant Photography: Are you a stressed out parent?

There are days as a new parent you feel like you know everything and hope for the best. I wish this was true for all new parents. Most parents don’t know what they are doing. The books they read, go right out the window when you stare into the eyes of a child you created with your person. What a powerful and all consuming emotion parenting is! Love is so powerful that it evokes a sense of defense and almost animal like need to protect the new born at all cost. It overtakes one whole being. When is the appropriate time to take your infants photograph by a professional photographer.

With today’s cameras people have a sense of being professional photographers, therefore my personal philosophy has changed. Undue stress means stressed out family, parents and children, therefore take the photographs when you feel comfortable with people (photographer) touching and playing with your child. They will need to change your child into the clothing you have chosen for the specific photoshoot you choose.

The first thing I recommend is settling into some type of routine and rest as much as possible the first week your home from the hospital. Since new born is such a short time in a Childs life only 0-4 weeks I suggest the 2-4th weeks. The child is so young that they will probably sleep through the processes.

If you consider this too young for you this is perfectly acceptable. Wait until you are comfortable. The next stage of infant life is 2-4 months. During this time I also recommend to parents they consider have family photo as well as an infant photograph. Why? This is a time when the child is bringing to recognize family members and those that are close. It is an absolutely maturing time for your new infant. This is also a time when the child and other siblings are bonding.


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