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Instagram Icons for Maria Kamon Photography #2021VlogmasDayFour

There is a new way of being in the world today. It seems that we now have to prove what we are doing all the time. Although I don't believe in having to prove what I am doing all the time by using social apps. I. am a believer in learning new things and passing on what I have learned. I find posting a photograph on Instagram challenging. I think it is fact that it challenges my photography skills. My children have always told me I don't use things the normal way. I suppose this is also due to the fact I tend to be a little shy about expressing personal needs publicly. I think there is a time for all things and a way of doing things that is right and good. Guess chasing the Instagram "Like" isn't what I am after. I am enjoying Instagram as a way to test my photography style and learn more about the art of photography. Since I never really thought of myself as having one style when it comes to photography, I have been recently trying to read books and try other people's styles and see how close I can get to recreating someone else's photographs. I don't want to steal their style I want to learn how and why they used the photographic style to achieve what they did. By coping with trying to imitate their style I understand more about photography.

This is true about making new icons for my photography style. It took me a long time to even decide to try a new art form like digital art. I thought I was going to give up something that I enjoy for something else. The tangible for the intangible. It's just not the same. Things we see in a photograph on. Instagram is different than in real life. It's even than a photograph printed. I think I equate it to a movie. Seeing a movie set. It's different and it creates a sense of disappointment when seen in real life.

I finally ventured into digital drawing and created icons for my Instagram page. In doing this I learned several things about myself and how it looks on Instagram. Therefore, this winter break from school or work I recommend you try this and see what happens.

The details are written in the description of Vlogmas Day Four on Instagram..

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