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Mixing Water Colors and Painting #2021VlogmasDay5

The thing is I don't always know what the thing is. Meaning people, life, experiences, and daily living makes one think differently as they mature. The one thing I do know is that the love for certain things, for example, art, music, photography, building, never changes. Hobbies that one loved when one is young or extra curriculum activities that children deeply enjoy they always return to it. We gravitate as humans to people, places, and things we love. This is one of the reasons I enjoy introducing the arts to children. They either love it and want to understand and learn more or they don't. Either way is acceptable to a teacher when it isn't academics. Passion love for learning comes from our experiences. We all have had a tough life recently what a better distraction than getting watercolors and learning how to mix true colors and create new colors. This teaches many things. Mostly what they are seeing isn't always what it is. It's a combination or series of times to create one single item like a pixel.


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