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Photography and You

What an important word "you" is. How many times do we use it in a sentence? Can you do this? Can you pose like this? Will you move your hands here? In a world that is that we worship the pose, the woman the sexual words and intentions of people we still question and place an emphasis on calling a person you Instead of using a person's name.

Did you know a person's name is the most beautiful word to that human? Why? It is the one true within them. Themselves. We take it constantly in our country. Yet doing so we never use their name? Why? Do we feel shame in knowing whom we are taking from? Shame, If we have to use the person's name we are forced to recognize the reality of the humanness of the person we are talking to. There is a limited supply for each of us. The assumption is that as we grow older we grow weaker. The truth in this is we grow stronger in our convictions of who we are.

Telling someone who they are or what they do. Is setting yourself up for failure. Americans can define themselves. Free from religious persecution. At least this is what we are told. Is it truth or fiction? Test this one out for yourselves? I had to?

A portrait tells you what about the person? I'll let you fill in the blanks on this one. Why? I see one thing in the photograph, you'll see another.

I see a woman standing outside in nature a little troubled or concerned. Maybe, she has to accomplish her list of things to do. Worried about her family.

Someone, else will look at the photograph and see a minority woman who is working for a living and subjected to all kinds of trouble and worries, due to the fact she's employed by a farmer who doesn't pay her enough money.

That's why are is subjective. Photography is an art form. This is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting the museum and seeing artworks and photography. I find it interesting trying to see what the photographer was trying to portray. Photography like art has a different subject, view, perspective, and if you allow it will allow you to see the artist's viewpoint. This doesn't mean the artist is there talking to you, although some art shows allow the artist to narrate each display it more of a perceptual reality that happens, and the view is allowed to disagree with the artist's perspective.

One of the reason's I enjoy photography. I am allowed to photograph as creatively or not creatively as my imagination would allow. Most of the time it's pretty conservative compared to other photographers.

For example. Fantasy Photography associated today with gaming is a whole scene set up and takes a different kind of creative mind. Although this pays better than the photography I enjoy, It is not something I'm interested in and enjoy pursuing. I discovered this Was not something I enjoyed in my childhood. I believe our interests in life are developed very in childhood through our experiences and personal growth.

Food Portraits are altogether different from photography. The one I find interesting and challenging. Why? How does one make food, or a subject interesting enough to have a person try to make it at home or purchase it from a retailer? What gets that person to say. I want this enough to put it on their list. It's perspective.

As a portrait it's perspective. How can I get my portrait to be beautiful? Make you want Maria Kamon Photography to take your photograph?

That's my big question for myself? How can I get you to want Maria Kamon Photography to photograph a portrait of you?


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