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The mighty knowledge of pixels is now everywhere with the release of the iPhone 13. I have to say that technology has struck the camera into such a small device that everyone and anyone can take a good photograph. I remember when it first came out. I thought how does one explain a pixel to children, I was teaching and directing a school at the time. Parents always want more for their children thinking learning computers was a top priority. I saw it so differently and still see it differently. Parent meeting after parenting meeting the topic was discussed. The school didn't want to spend the money on computers, the teachers didn't want children on computers when they could easily do that at home. Finally, a compromise was reached. The school would have one computer in each classroom and it would be taught once a week.

Why was this a breaking point for both sides? 1. Teachers felt at the time the children could play games at home. Parents don't want to sit and teach children so they put them on the computer or phone to entertain themselves. (This is not saying all parents and that it's wrong, it's establishing a foundation for beliefs of what the devices are for.) Teachers didn't want to step into breaking habits and dealing with parent complaints of children telling their parents. " Miss Mary said you are not supposed to use a computer that way." 2. Teachers felt they already had a full curriculum of things to teach. 3. Brought back to the table discussions what items are most important for children to learn. What is really expected of children at each grade level? With compromise means some things in our curriculum couldn't be taught. This then creates a new argument between parents and school.

Bringing back to the subject of pixels. How does one teach a child a pixel? I had endless conversations with my children on what a pixel is. From computers to photograph children need to understand the power that they are holding in their hands. What the difference is between a photograph pixel and a computer pixel. Off I went to try to understand the difference to be able to teach the difference. No time for social post myself employed in two different fields to be able to afford daily living I struggled with how to teach children who are growing up on phones and computers the importance of themselves understanding that it is more than just a computer. After endless discussions I know that this is a topic of conversations still going on with their children. The importance of learning to manage screen time with school and learning.

This created a series of art projects allowing the conversation to flow freely withouth the stress of technology and the feel of time presure to get things done. Art was always a relaxing time in the classroom. Letting a child explore meduims and materials of other kinds. This is one of the ways I did it. The younger the child the bigger the sheet of paper has to be. (developmental reasons) As they mature and control things better you can teach the same thing with small paper and explain. How much information a pixel can contain in a compture. In a photograph. Hope you enjoy this activity.children.


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