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Tea Props

One of the things I enjoy doing is picnics. Weather permitting, personally I think it's one of life's enjoyments. It's an easy way to find something to do with ones time. It's relaxing, quiet, calm, fun and filled with possibilities for families of all ages. It also allows children freedom and room to play. Since we have so many people who stay inside all the time a picnic is a great way to experience the outdoors.

Recently my customers have been asking for different style photography session. Therefore, I have been trying to brainstorm (not in the literal sense) locations for photoshoots. It's a moment where you take a pen and paper and write down all the photo session ideas one has. I have also thought of studio ideas for parents and children. How cute children can during photography sessions. Outdoors or indoors this one is one of my favorites.

In thinking of ideas for photography I came across a beautiful backdrop that had a tea in the photograph. I thought I bet I could find tea items that look like those in the photograph. My search began. Then I came across this tea set. It's so cute. I think it will be perfect for a photograph session. What do you think?

Months later I found a table found a table in it's perfection due to the style for an outdoor picnic table tea time. I know it sounds silly I think this table is like adult versions of tables that use to be make for people who lived in smaller places.

Perfect for two to four people this children size table is perfect for outdoor. I believe this is a good asset to my props for photography? What do you think? Book an appointment today and lets find out!

Photograph of Maria Kamon Photography taking a photograph of the table and tea set.


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